thank you! you helped a lot! aww that’s so nice :) i’ve been doing subtitles for ages and i was never happy with it but i am loving using Myriad Pro. Lordd that scene!

you’re very welcome sweetie, anytime :D myriad pro rocks, i love it and that scene was the perfect choice… oh yes lord! hot hot hot

thanks for the help :) i did have a look at your tutorial and i tried it myself earlier day if you wanna have a look at my gifset its my second one in mygifs page on my blog :)

OMG it looks sooo good! i absolutely loved it. i’m gonna reblog it right now because first of all: you nailed the subtitles!!! yay you and second of all: this scene give me the feels asdfghjkl

I was taking a look at your tutorials and I checked out your gif one as I already make gifs I was looking mainly at how you do your subtitle text and it really helped me because I'm never satisfied with my text on my gifs, it's always changing. What font do you prefer? I'm currently using Calibri bold italic 13.5 pt I find 14 is too big for small gifs. For big ones 500px I use 14.5. or 15 I've noticed you use Myriad Pro I've tried but can't find which setting I like. (asked by boothcastellano)

hey nicole! thanks for checking my tutorial, so nice of you! i’m so happy it helped you <3 well, i do tend to change my fonts depending on my mood or how the gif is gonna look, but most of the time i stick with myriad. here’s my setting for 500px gifs. i like those 2 sizes because with the first one you can use if there’s a lot of text and the second if it’s just only a sentence.


now, here’s my setting for 245px gifs. the same goes for this gif size. if there’s a lot of text i like to use 12,5… if not then i use 13,5.


now, here’s your settings for 500px. calibri looks very good in a 500px gif because it’s a little more “bold” than myriad and makes more of a statement, you know?


this is your settings for 245px. i still like calibri but i think when you write a lot of text on your gif, because the font is more “chunky” than myriad looks more heavy on the eye. does that make sense?


but to sum it up i prefer calibri on big gifs and myriad on the small ones (although like i’ve said on the beginning i stick with myriad most of the time… just personal taste lol). i think it looks better and quite more clean this way :))) let me know if you have any more questions, okay? xx

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